Chapter Snapshot: Why is there such a stigma about depression in law?


86% of professionals note that they would rather suffer in silence than tell their colleagues or superiors about any mental health conditions they may be experiencing, out of fear of being fired or passed over for promotion. Why is this the case? And how can you navigate your way through this issue?

Prioritise your priorities!

Time is somewhat elastic, and can be adjusted to suit our needs. We just need to figure out how. There are 168 hours in a week. If you’re a lawyer or law student, 40-50 of these hours will be dedicated to study or work. If you then sleep for 7 hours each ...

Law wasn’t for me. Now I can chase my dreams. (by Sophia Hatzis)

Sophia Hatzis is a second year journalism student at UTS, who recently deferred her law degree after one year of study. Her blog, The Beauty Breakdown, covers a multitude of wellbeing issues for young girls, including anxiety and eating disorders.  I received my HSC results at the tail end of ...