Chapter Snapshot: Why is there such a stigma about depression in law?


86% of professionals note that they would rather suffer in silence than tell their colleagues or superiors about any mental health conditions they may be experiencing, out of fear of being fired or passed over for promotion. Why is this the case? And how can you navigate your way through this issue?

I’m breaking up with perfectionism. For good. (by Sophia Hatzis)

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Sydney’s turned on the sunshine, forgetting that in Autumn it should be cooling down. It’s not supposed to be 26 degrees in April. I am enjoying this bright Sunday by sitting behind a computer screen, attempting to finish an assessment that isn’t due until Monday. ...

Sleepless in Sydney

I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know? – Ernest Hemingway I’ve never been a particularly good sleeper. Whether it’s too light, broken or even non-existent, my mind and body have never really allowed for consistent, deep and uninterrupted rest. My inability to slip ...