Chapter Snapshot: Why is there such a stigma about depression in law?


86% of professionals note that they would rather suffer in silence than tell their colleagues or superiors about any mental health conditions they may be experiencing, out of fear of being fired or passed over for promotion. Why is this the case? And how can you navigate your way through this issue?

How Italy taught me to live in the moment (by Sam Coten)

For Sam Coten, a recent trip to Italy offered perspective on the importance of working to live, rather than living to work. Sam is a law student from Perth, WA.  Dolce far niente– ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’.  An idea brought to life in by Liz Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, but a concept ...

Your bedroom is for sleep and sex only. Get everything else out of it!

My mum is good at telling it like it is, especially when it comes to how I practice daily wellbeing. One particular nugget of wisdom she shared with me a few years back was that I shouldn’t be watching TV shows or movies on my laptop, doing homework or study, or ...