Chapter Snapshot: Why is there such a stigma about depression in law?


86% of professionals note that they would rather suffer in silence than tell their colleagues or superiors about any mental health conditions they may be experiencing, out of fear of being fired or passed over for promotion. Why is this the case? And how can you navigate your way through this issue?

How to be a ‘proper lawyer’ – a few tips for new lawyers (by Clarissa Rayward)

It seems not that long ago that I was three years into a five year law degree trying to work out how on earth I was ever going to actually be a ‘lawyer’. A ‘proper lawyer’- the sort that wears a fancy suit and shiny black shoes that would spend her days gazing ...

The Perfect Moment (by Henrietta Farrelly-Barnett)

I’ve dithered and dallied over whether to write the following lines for quite some time. On one hand I think, perhaps my words might clarify something lurking or fortify someone hiding? If so, they would not only be not-wasted, but actually important. A (minute) public service if you will. But on ...