EN4A2515_NikkiToJerome Doraisamy is a 29-year-old lawyer and writer from Sydney, NSW. He left legal practice after stints in commercial firms, academia and research, and a major federal government inquiry, to publish his first book, The Wellness Doctrines for Law Students and Young Lawyers, which peaked at #2 on iTunes and has been sold, in both paperback and eBook form, on all six continents.

He currently works as a contract consultant for law firms and universities, with projects ranging from speaking and workshop engagements to policy development and review projects. In his spare time, Jerome is an active blogger, reader, podcast listener and cake baker, and also plays multiple team sports every week, including indoor soccer, touch football and mixed netball.

Jerome's work

His first book, The Wellness Doctrines for Law Students and Young Lawyers, examines the prevalence, causes and effects of psychological distress, anxiety and depression for law students and young lawyers in Australia in a manner never before seen – thematic discussion inspired by personal stories, first-hand accounts and case studies of over 45 legal professionals and mental health experts. This book is a “survival guide” of sorts for new law students, incoming and current legal graduates, and other young lawyers.

His second book - The Wellness Doctrines for High School Students - will be a self-help guide for secondary students struggling with academic rigours, vocational concerns and teenage issues. It is due for release in early 2018.