Jerome is available for consulting and speaking engagements at law firms, universities, legal organisations and institutions, other professional service providers. Sessions (i.e. lectures, interactive workshops, book club meetings and small group discussions) can be claimed towards a lawyer’s mandatory continuing legal education, and fees are determined based on the session/s being delivered. Get in touch at jerome@thewellnessdoctrines.com for information about a tailored session.


Makinson D’Apice Lawyers: 

“The content was suitable for not only solicitors but for support staff and paralegals, particular those currently studying. It was nice to have someone come in and share their experiences that touch close to home for many people working in the legal industry and studying law.

The session provided tools that could be easily used and implemented into an individual’s everyday life. Some of the tell-tale signs of depression were not what the audience expected so it gave them an insight as to what to look for and how to manage it or what to do if a friend or colleague is suffering. Depression particularly in the legal profession is very real and Jerome’s presentation hit the nail on the head.

Jerome’s presentation skills were very good, he was fluent in sharing his experiences and relaying his message and was easy to listen to and understand.” 

Sparke Helmore Lawyers:

“I thought Jerome’s delivery was sincere, funny and seriously informative.  It was particularly poignant to hear from another member of the profession with a lived experience and it should be mandatory viewing for all incoming and existing lawyers/partners and support staff.”

“I thought Jerome presented very well and made a subject that can be quite uncomfortable / awkward very engaging through his use of humour and personal anecdotes. The fact that he was willing to share his personal experiences very openly and show vulnerability made his message very effective.”

University of Notre Dame (Sydney):

“It was such a pleasure to have Jerome come and speak to us at the University of Notre Dame Sydney. It is so rare to hear a person speak so candidly and genuinely about the depression and mental health issues they experienced while studying law. It is imperative that we as law students have someone like Jerome advocating for a more holistic approach to the study of law because it is so easy to forget, as Jerome said, that we are people first and law students second. We’re so grateful for his insights and advice and hope to have him back to speak again in the future.”

University of Canberra:

“…it resonated really well with what some of our students were already experiencing. In this sense, it was really good for them to gain some perspective and to develop some mechanisms for how to stay mentally well throughout their studies.”

University of Tasmania:

“Jerome’s lectures and workshops were fantastic. It was refreshing to be discussing welfare issues with someone who speaks from personal experience and who understands exactly what it is like to be a law student. It was also helpful to discuss practical strategies on how to cope with stress, and how to recognise signs and symptoms of welfare issues in our own lives.”

University of Western Australia: 

“The UWA Law School was extremely fortunate to have Jerome Doraisamy participate in our 2016 JD Orientation program. Jerome shared his important and inspiring story with our incoming and current students in a courageous and frank half hour presentation that concluded with a series of recommended strategies for staying well. Jerome’s presentation was very well received and greatly appreciated by all who attended the session. It was a critical element in preparing our incoming students for their law studies.”

University of Auckland:

“Jerome was our headline speaker at our Mental Health Awareness Week at Auckland Law School. He was generous with his time and expertise, friendly and relatable to all of our students, and spoke intelligently and engagingly. Jerome’s book fills a void that urgently needed to be filled. His work is vitally important. As a speaker, Jerome was able to relate to more than 100 law students in his audience, and it is a testament to how moving his story was that 33 students bought copies of his book after the talk. It was a pleasure and a privilege to host Jerome in Auckland and we look forward to doing so again in the future!”

Auckland University of Technology:

“Jerome’s advice was of huge benefit to our law students. His presentation was interesting, insightful and engaging. Additionally his advice can easily be applied into everyday routines. Despite Jerome’s advice being directed to law students and legal professionals, we feel his advice is adaptable to many areas of life. All students mentioned how grateful they were for Jerome’s visit. They emphasised that Jerome improved their knowledge on how to approach, and recognise, mental illnesses. Many also noted that they now held a better mindset for the approaching exams. They felt his presence added significant strength to the promotion of mental health awareness in AUT, and the legal world in general. We feel this feedback emphasises how useful Jerome’s advice is. Several students purchased Jerome’s Book, ‘The Wellness Doctrines for Law Students and Young Lawyers’. We received feedback that the book, like Jerome’s presentation, is engaging and interesting. It’s easy to follow and the advice is inestimable. We feel it is also important to note that Jerome himself is an incredibly patient, and approachable individual. Jerome encouraged questions following his presentation; taking the time to assist all persons despite his busy schedule. Jerome took the time to travel to New Zealand. On behalf of AUTLSS, we greatly appreciate his time and advice. We would recommend Jerome to all those who asked. Jerome’s advice is invaluable.”

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